RESOPLAN is the high-quality, large-sized, lightweight and environmentally friendly RESOPAL board for a wide range of trend-setting exterior applications.

RESOPLAN – Function and design for exterior facades.

  • Facade claddings
  • Balcony claddings
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Large-scale projects
  • New construction
  • Renovation and refurbishment

RESOPLAN comes with exactly those properties that are so important for exterior applications: this high-quality material is weatherproof – not only on the surface, but all the way through. And RESOPLAN is absolutely lightfast so that even years of sunshine will not change the colours or product characteristics. That’s why RESOPLAN comes with a 10-year warranty.

Thanks to the many outstanding product benefits which RESOPLAN combines – starting with its light weight, via easy installation, all the way to easy cleaning – RESOPLAN allows you to create facade designs which would be hard to achieve, more expensive, or even impossible with any other material.

RESOPLAN is suitable for various fastening systems, rear ventilated, visible and hidden, attached with adhesives, screws, or rivets.

You can find RESOPLAN brochure here.