Polyrey MFC

PANOPREY is a range of Polyrey MFC (melamine-faced boards). PANOPREY is the decorative and economical panel, easy to use and ready to go. The main substrates for melamine-faced boards are MDF and chipboard. They are made by directly applying a sheet of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin to each side of a substrate under heat and pressure, but without the use of glue. With 188 decors that are 100% complementary to thin or thick HPL laminates, imagine and create your interior design by choosing the right product for the right application.

Panoprey is widely used for interior design, as well as for making kitchen cabinets and furniture and for designing cupboards. It is used in combination with high pressure laminate bonded board, which is more resistant.

Polyrey Panoprey Melamine Faced Board brochure

With its two decorative sides, Panoprey MFC is suited to moderate vertical and horizontal applications in areas of little exposure to wear and tear. It is easy to machine and exhibits enhanced performance levels, even on standard P2 chipboard :

  1. French M2 fire rating (according to the French standard)
    • if 12 to 19 mm thick.
  2. Sanitized antibacterial treatment
    • Eliminates 99,9% of bacteria
  3. Very low VOC emissions
    • Class A+ (according to the French standard)
    • Rated E1 according EN 717-1, which equates to the E0,5 rating used in the industry