Sonae Arauco MDF

Sonae Arauco MDF (medium density fiberboard) has high mechanical resistance and good dimensional stability against temperature variations and damp in the environment. This is why it’s a product with a wide range of applications. It is the best wood-based product for actually replacing solid wood and its use has been increasing continuously all over the world.

Photo Sonae Arauco MDF


Basic is an easy-to-machine medium density fibreboard for non-structural indoor use in dry conditions. MDF Basic panels are sustainable products with low formaldehyde emissions.

Fire X is suitable for a wide range of uses such as furniture, doors, and finishing on walls and ceilings in areas subject to compliance with special fire regulations, as it contributes to reducing combustion and heat, as well as reducing or slowing the spread of fire. MDF Fire X is classified as B-s2, d0 (Euroclass definition according to EN 13501-1), according to EN13986, and has low formaldehyde emission levels.

Hydro X with moisture resistance properties is the right choice for rooms with high relative humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. This product has very low swelling values and thanks to the use of special resins in its production. It also has excellent dimensional stability against variations in relative humidity in the environment where it is used.

Coloured MDF is easy to mill and combines high mechanical performance with the versatility of through-dyed products. The use of selected pigments assures the colour of the panel, which won’t fade with exposure to light, remaining consistent in terms of colour and intensity. Coloured MDF range of colours allows for the development of new concepts for interiors that can be highly individualised and has an inspiring depth, resulting in cosy, balanced environments with architectural clarity.

Novolac is ideal for producing three-dimensional components for furniture and interior design. The quality of its particularly fine fibres combined with a density that is significantly higher in the surfaces, means that MDF Novolac meets the most demanding milling requirements. Its surface remains uniform and smooth, even after deep routering, and can be painted or finished with excellent results.

Form opens up new possibilities for the development of creative solutions. Whether it is varnished, lacquered, veneered or laminated, this product will allow you to create elegant curved surfaces quickly and easily. The precise milling of the grooves and the accurate depths allow for perfect moulding for curvature radiuses ≥150 mm. Product available in thickness of 8 mm with vertical grooves.

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