Polyrey Compact

Polyrey REYSIPUR is a thick, dense and versatile compact laminate panel with two decorative sides that requires no edging. This decorative panel is perfectly suited for intensive use in horizontal or vertical applications. Untreated and ideal for engraving, Polyrey Reysipur compact laminate offers a multitude of decorative possibilities. Its complementarity with Polyrey HPL laminates and Panoprey melamine faced panels makes it suitable for all types of projects.

Reysipur compact


Reysipur is a hard-wearing and rotproof compact laminate ideally suited for use in public places, washroom & cubicle applications where hygiene is essential (health care, education sectors etc.).

A selection of Reysipur decors is suitable for use in outdoor environments, and is the perfect solution for the design and solution of outdoor or street furniture.

The numerous sizes available allow it to be used horizontally (furniture, lockers, splashbacks, tables, worktops, cubicles) or vertically (wall cladding, doors etc.).


Reysipur finishes are also available in Monochrom compact laminate.

The Touch finish is anti-fingerprint, its surface is highly resistant to impact and scratches and is also repairable.

The Signature Library and Signature Création ranges allow the creation of unique and exclusive decors for your projects.

Polyrey Compact

Polyrey Reysitop 1

Polyrey compact