Glass Laminate

Glass lends furniture a sense of elegance and luxury, making it an eye-catching feature of any design.  RAUVISIO Crystal glass laminate looks just as beautiful as glass, but boasts a number of advantages:

It can be accurately cut to size with normal woodworking tools, with no breakages and no waste. RAUVISIO Crystal glass laminate is pliable, can easily be milled or inlaid, and fitting backlights is a simple job, too.

Thicker sheets can be used for front panels, whilst thinner sheets are ideal for recesses or wall panels. A wide range of designs are available in matt or high-gloss, polymer mirrors and optional magnetic surfaces. Whether you’re working on a kitchen, bathroom, living room or shop, RAUVISIO Crystal gives you incredible design freedom, allowing you to take modern interiors to the next level.

Download the Rauvisio Crystal Deep pdf catalogue.

Picture Rauvisio crystal Deep Collection

Rauvisio crystal