Innovus HPL

The new Innovus HPL Collection – Matching our nature comprises more than 220 decorative solutions and over 40 new decor innovations. In combination with the Innovus premium textures, they create an impressive authenticity.

Innovus HPL (high pressure laminates) are suitable for indoor use, where design, quality and resistance are key to your project’s success.

Particularly resistant, durable and hygienic, this product is suitable for high impact and wear situations, both horizontal and vertical applications, in public, commercial and residential areas.

Innovus HPL

The new Innovus HPL Collection available in standard, postformable and fire retardant (FR) variants, it combines performance and versatility in furniture and wall panelling for exceptional environments.

Beauty, resistance and durability for the most demanding projects!

Picture Innovus M6327 Graceful Blonde, F2318 Metalines, F2315 Quiet Stone

Photo Innovus F2302 Artwall, 9058 Marble Bianco, M6326 Durini Light

Photo Innovus M6347 Gentle Maple, M6329 WoodWork, F2315 Quiet Stone

Photo Innovus M6343 Karlstad Oak Natural, F2322 Roma, L3031 Black, L5212 Charcoal, M6323 Karlstad Oak Pale, F2324 Marrakesh

Photo Innovus M6341 Italian Echo, F2313 Feel Light Grey

Photo Innovus M6320 Supreme White, L969 Avocado, F2319 Metalines Silver

Photo Innovus F2323 Canasta, M6340 Salix